Early Morning Sex

Early Morning Sex is one of the Most Ecstatic Sex, between 3am to 6am. Some Couples or Lovers have this experimental knowledge of Penetrative Sex;

As a Man wakes up that hour, his sexual hormones and Muscles are effective, his Penis is Erect just like when he is aroused in fact there is no need for a blowjob just a Sharpened Pencil into a gateway.

A Woman maybe naked or not, but She is Subconsciously ready and highly Sensitive this hour.

Cuddling and Spooning at this Timeframe Elevates Sex Drive as we are refreshed over night.

Fast forward

As he is Penetrating a Woman’s entrance, its gets harder and frictional hitting every Wall in her.

The release and Upthrust is lovable by her she becomes overwhelmed as the penis grow bigger in her. Her Man Loves it too

They are likely to reach a Climax (Orgasm). Other Periodic Sex too are good as well but waking up that early hours and 1st thoughts and feelings in you is to Fuck someone is AWESOME!!

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