Love Behind the Scenes

Hello my esteem readers, It's been a while I have geared up to write here due to a lots of transformation going on in my life presently. I want you all to know despite this I wont abandon the passion to share profound contents with you. Fast forward I got a 13 hour job which … Continue reading Love Behind the Scenes

Ever Wonder how People fall in Love?

Hi Everyone, Here is a Video clip I made for you all, I gave it much thoughts and hope you will love it. In respect of this clip going forward some contents will be concise in Video clips for simplicity, although articles will be published frequently. I hope you enjoyed this one, ensure you leave … Continue reading Ever Wonder how People fall in Love?

Looks to die For

When someone have looks to die for, What do you do? He or she grand smile can melt a heart We always envisioned this beauteous on the spot You are poised to pour compliments to equate the scenario You deem to get noticed have them in your books Everybody likes that What of When someone … Continue reading Looks to die For

Getting touch with an EX

Today I talk with my ex I made some enquires on the phone I connected the ear jack to a home theater because I feel lazy. We talked at length and am still amazed with myself I still feel comfort in her voice. My nerves were really calm, I don't want to believe old feelings … Continue reading Getting touch with an EX


A Voice is an unforgettable reminince of our everyday life, voices has different tonation some harsh, Authoritative or commanding, while some sound lovely when heard. In my diary there is a one feminine voice which I have to admit to myself am envelope in it everyday. It gives visionary depiction of how the person could … Continue reading FALLING IN LOVE WITH A VOICE

If You don’t risk your Heart you may never find true love

Love is Kind! If You don't risk your Heart you may never find true love, that one of the facts of Love. You have to try, persist in order to achieve something good, manner doesn't fall from the sky. Although you have to be diligent while on an adventure like this, don't extremely push yourself … Continue reading If You don’t risk your Heart you may never find true love

Submissiveness in Marriages and Relationships

Submissiveness Submissiveness has to be acceptance, willingness and Consent to a thing. in aspect of human relationships this is quite different. Submissiveness can be In different ways, like for married couple; romance,intimacy and sex is considered authorised entry. Both parties are well Informed. In some relationships we don't get all submissiveness, I have dated a … Continue reading Submissiveness in Marriages and Relationships

Please Will You Marry Me? Can a Lady also Propose, Right or Wrong?

The year is coming to an End 2019, what are your Marital Plans, proposal, engagement or Wedding? Which ever it may be I'm here to tell you to brace up in making that decision you feel suitable with. If your ready hit the nail on the head. If your still single or not ready yet … Continue reading Please Will You Marry Me? Can a Lady also Propose, Right or Wrong?

Happy New Month 1st December 2019

Hey Happy New Month to all My Readers and Visitors. I am so happy to be clocking the 12th month with you so much. Dear Lovers, Couples and future Couples I am using this medium to implore you all. be courteous and humorous with your partner and family relations as we ride the horse to … Continue reading Happy New Month 1st December 2019

Ecstatic Feeling(Romance) in Relationships

Romantic moments are one of the interesting and core aspect of a relationship. Forget about what other perceived from a relationship. Yes we all need a companion to equate our feelings and desires but does that mean no one want a romantic affair? We all do desire this passion... Let me us know what you … Continue reading Ecstatic Feeling(Romance) in Relationships

2 Power tips on How A Girl Can Maintain Eye Contact With a Guy She Likes

When you are interested in a Guy as a Girl you don't have to show him all the signs that you like him be mysterious. assume him to be any other guy your talking too. conceal your thoughts but let your emotions flow naturally. face him and do not tilt your head, do not blink … Continue reading 2 Power tips on How A Girl Can Maintain Eye Contact With a Guy She Likes

Why are You not Dating?

Dating is an Interesting and relative part of our lives, it a Consent of feelings that one shares a bond with the other. Do you have a Partner, are you a couple? What is that reason presently you don't or keep a partner. Below are the some answers from Perception. Scared of Commitments Heartbroken Age … Continue reading Why are You not Dating?

How often do you Smooch your Partner?

I found this Pin while Surfing on my Pinterest, I must admit this photo is so sweet and lovely, I can imagine the ecstasy they are in, how the smooching is endless in motion. I call them Mr Handsome and Mrs Beautiful. Oh my God I just love this. If your the Mr and reading … Continue reading How often do you Smooch your Partner?

Are you really in Love with your Partner?

What are the signs of being in love? We all have different perception about Love but all hitting same Spot. How is the feeling of loving someone? Drops your thoughts and Opinion in comments box

How to Overcome Love Sick Issues

Love sickening can happen to any human, we cross path with millions of people everyday. I do mentioned this multiple types in my post. "There is someone out for you and for me" To be Lovesick is like a fever unable to think clearly or behave in a sensible way because you are in love … Continue reading How to Overcome Love Sick Issues

Love is a Beautiful Thing!! A Must Read

Some people don't know or believe Love can happens anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Love can finds its way where it is not planted, relating love to some principle of chemistry; Love is neither Created nor destroyed but is this phenomena true? When you see two partners or Couples together what are your thoughts about … Continue reading Love is a Beautiful Thing!! A Must Read

An Interesting thing you need to Know about Relationships

Freedom of Expression Relationships is one of the earthly factor that Preserve part of us, without the opposite sex am very sure we won't feel a thing called intimacy, attractions or affections. Just like the first Man Adam Immediately Eve was Created out of him they acclimatize and bound together. They surely needs one another. … Continue reading An Interesting thing you need to Know about Relationships

What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?

Promiscuous is having many sexual partners, what are the effects of this kind of lifestyle, is it positive or negative?. As human we all have different views, wants and taste out of life. I am writing this post not to clamp against lifestyles but just an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in a humorous … Continue reading What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?

Do I need to have feelings to be in a Relationship?

Relationships are vitals experience of life, its is something that its meant to be irrespective of how things can be, there is always a good and rough effect of something. Do you have to harbour feelings for someone before accepting a relationship? Yes or No, there is and suppose to be a connection between you … Continue reading Do I need to have feelings to be in a Relationship?

What age Should Youngsters Marry?

Its is a quiet disturbing issue to youngsters between 18-24, 24-30 we are indecisive about Marital Vows When asked Why are you still single Why are you still single? Issues and factors are divulged, reason career goals, self sufficiency, a compatible partner, life goals and so on. Marriages generally differs across the globe early and … Continue reading What age Should Youngsters Marry?