1,000 Likes Appreciation

A Dense Appreciation to all My Readers & Followers Worldwide for your 1,000👍likes of my Contents, Today being 1st day of July the 7 Month. My blog Love and Intimacy hit 1,000 likes, 125 followers, 180 Post and 6,085 total Views. My blog is 4 Months and 18 days old; its hasn't been an easy … Continue reading 1,000 Likes Appreciation

Appreciation Post

Hello everyone, Yesterday was my Blog's Happy One Month birthday Love and Intimacy, and am really enthusiastic about it, Lofty hearts to all My Readers, Friends and Followers Whole wide World. You have all been An Inspiration and a drive to write more. I wish Massive Success in all your Endeavours, and Looking forward to … Continue reading Appreciation Post

To All the Lost Souls in the Ethiopian Air Crash

The crash claimed 157 lives spreading global grief to 35 countries that had someone among the people who were confirm Dead, On March 10th. Our Thoughts are with all the Friends, Families of the bereaved, Ethiopians and the Whole wide World One minute you’re alive smiling, the next you’re in a body bag. RIP to … Continue reading To All the Lost Souls in the Ethiopian Air Crash

International Women’s Day

"WOMEN have strengths that amazes man..she can handle trouble & carry heavy burdens.she holds happiness, love & opinions." Happy Women's Day Celebrate all Women Today, They are the builders of Our World - Noah Jemilu More on Wikipedia

Love Bites

A Close friend of mine had an experience, so we chat about it. Are you sure you want a relationship with him/her? 3 years is more than enough for someone to Fall in love with you... How does she perceive you..does she lingers around you...enjoys your company? Directly or indirectly.... First impression matters But it … Continue reading Love Bites

What is Love and Intimacy?

Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or Something especially a member of a family,friend, animal or Something like cars,shoes, house, clothes or even An Abstract. Love is Kind,Caring,Simple,Patient. Love rejoice with the Truth, Love never Fails. I can go on a thousands time to Tell what love is and Infinity to … Continue reading What is Love and Intimacy?