A Woman is a Lovely Creature!

Women are the Most beautiful of the creatures On earth by God the Creator. They are loving, caring though little cruel when push or in a dicey situation! Read more by clicking the link below all about Woman

Body Language and Communication

Psychology says, If you are meeting someone for the first time, you only have about 7 seconds to make a powerful first impression; Getting and keeping someone’s attention and attraction is believed to have more to do with body language and tone and speed of your voice rather than things that you actually say. There … Continue reading Body Language and Communication

Dating an employee

Falling in love with an Employee is a sweet thing to experience but also a weird one full of compromise. You will be put into a dilemma all the time. A situation will come you will wish you aren't in that boat. This kind of relationship or affair usually happens emotional or physically read with … Continue reading Dating an employee

Emotional and Physical Affair

The traditional definition of cheating is that one person in a committed relationship is sexually involved with someone other than his/her spouse. In recent years, cheating has been reclassified to include not only the physical affair but, also, the emotional affair. An emotional affair is defined as any infidelity that occurs through feeling or thought. … Continue reading Emotional and Physical Affair

Girls, Ladies Women are all Emotional Creatures

Girls are very emotional creatures whereas men are usually a bit more focused on outward appearances in the beginning of relationships. They are both wired differently. There are certainly girls who are after money (gold diggers). Differentiate yourself from the typical gold digger and let him see you are interested in him for his love … Continue reading Girls, Ladies Women are all Emotional Creatures

Why Crush never fades

Feeling of crush don't easily fade,because it isn't something that can be faked, it a natural phenomenon of how our body interact with a person; this is a kind of chemistry where we desire, admire a Person maybe due to their personality, Physical attributes, it is a subconscious chemistry for someone. it might turn to … Continue reading Why Crush never fades

Do this Today – Intimately

Identify your Husband, Wife or Lover's passion and provide constant support & encouragement to follow their heart. Touch him or her gentle in a Sexual way, or in a way that shows affection this helps makes up for lonely days. Don’t just hug your Lover. Embrace him or her with warmth, tenderness, and enthusiasm. More … Continue reading Do this Today – Intimately

A New Chapter of Love

If something has happened in your relationship causing the trust to waiver, you will have many things to work through. When your mate has done something that requires you to forgive, you have to forgive, REALLY forgive. Once you have worked through the issue either together or with professional counseling, and you tell them that … Continue reading A New Chapter of Love

Love of a Fan

Your Elegance degrades my world You are so enchanting Oh your Scent is lovable I can worship, offer foot fetish I ask my Creator Why are you such of Beauty I fidget every time I watch you Do I ever exist in your thoughts Your Eyes are so Alien Your Presence Freezes My Blood Your … Continue reading Love of a Fan

10 Sex Facts Did you know………?

- Did you know that both men and women need about eleven minutes to become sexually aroused? Teasing one another, making naughty suggestions, removing needless undergarments —these are only a few ways to enjoy that extra drive time more with your lover. -A single healthy human male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate … Continue reading 10 Sex Facts Did you know………?


My Butterfinger They say Disney world is the happiest place on earth! Obviously they haven’t been in your arms. You're a woman of Mezzo Soprano voice, with Ballant -Natured Face you are so fanciable absolutely endless in motion you are always mickey in the Game, nothing can devour our Tryst. Voices says am a Lady … Continue reading Butterfinger

A Day Of Beauty The Girl in Red

Standing with my Friends, I saw a slender babe starring and waving at me, beside her was a heavy beard guy. I feel they are lovebirds, but she waved again. As I was laughing about to bade my friends bye, I can see her walking toward my bearing, in seconds she was with us, I … Continue reading A Day Of Beauty The Girl in Red

Crush on a Married Person

Crush Occurs Naturally, They are certain attributes we Desire and will end up find it in a person, mostly at the wrong time. I have pointed this before in my previous post. How does it feel like to Flirts with a married Man or Woman, Does He or She Flirts with you? You may or … Continue reading Crush on a Married Person

I Had To Let Go

A True Life Story There is a Girl I meet during my final Days of Diploma, at the main Campus, we came for medicals, I spotted an old friend whose a colleague sitting back my right..I called her name greeted her, after my usually gesture she still couldn't recognised me. She pleaded I should introduce … Continue reading I Had To Let Go

Our Desires

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Man is absolutely vulnerable to the vulgarity of every voluptuous body(Woman) which he sights, wearing a voluminous ornamentals also nail it. Women and Girls makes men to be vulnerable of their jokes, lies in fact their arrogance and Elegance … Continue reading Our Desires