Love Behind the Scenes

Hello my esteem readers,

It’s been a while I have geared up to write here due to a lots of transformation going on in my life presently. I want you all to know despite this I wont abandon the passion to share profound contents with you.

Fast forward I got a 13 hour job which makes it difficult to access my mobile phone, trying to catch up with part time classes but one interesting thing I love to share with you is the fact that I have fallen in love again this Time different.

I have fallen in love with the sweetest person on earth. She is very homey and lovely, she possesses qualities of a good lady you can imagine that?

A personality that portray goodness, true love and affections, she is entirely opposite of my past acquaintances, let me digress a little. I name her Mi Amor means My Love in Spanish.


Mi Amor in this aspect she is very sound making her so understanding although you have to choose your words carefully when conversing with her. She is a bit argumentative.

In addition to this she is inspiring and encouraging, I affectionate her in countless fold.

Entrepreneurial Orientation

With the world taking axis of women being self sufficient, she desire to make a difference, Putting down some work of Charity indeed she has a big heart.

An NGO is in baby steps, part of this world will be in benefits soon or later. May God bless her handwork. Women should look in to this philanthropic lifestyle.

I guess that why am superfluous about her.

Good Looking

She has a natured face and looks to die for, I will be discreet about the details. In a nutshell she is pleasing at every heart. She is a lady of elegance. Mwuah!

Care and Compassion

She can nurse you with words alone, she gives importance not only to her interest but everything and everyone. I really Love her so much for this characteristics.

They are many more this space can’t contain. This is a love I want to Keep. There is also something I desire to tell her but it will be a secret if mine.

  • She is Beautiful inside out
  • Always caring and nursing words
  • She will want you to know
  • She is resilient

She is one of the Salt of the earth.