How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View

Staring at a handsome or beautiful face sometimes makes us to confuse, mumble or even stammer. Today at Customer Service, A customer stumble upon me, the visit is her third succession. They say a happy customer Is a repeat customer. Her spotless face was endless in Gaze as I loose a bit of focus. I … Continue reading How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View

Feelings of a Woman

It is a good feeling to be with a Man, a Man that freeze your soul and neutralize every unbalance in your blood stream. A Woman create chance for who She care for, if you happen to be on her top list. You really have strong thing on her; never be Sarcastic and be honest … Continue reading Feelings of a Woman

How to Read Body Language

Pay attention to how close someone is to you The closer they are the warmer they are thinking of you. They farther away that someone is the less they actually care of the situation or person. If you more slightly closer to them, do they move slightly further away?. That means they do not want … Continue reading How to Read Body Language

Is this True About Women

According to Psychology Women who wear red are found to be more attractive by men and also there are higher chances that they would be asked on a date.

Body Language and Communication

Psychology says, If you are meeting someone for the first time, you only have about 7 seconds to make a powerful first impression; Getting and keeping someone’s attention and attraction is believed to have more to do with body language and tone and speed of your voice rather than things that you actually say. There … Continue reading Body Language and Communication

Why Crush never fades

Feeling of crush don't easily fade,because it isn't something that can be faked, it a natural phenomenon of how our body interact with a person; this is a kind of chemistry where we desire, admire a Person maybe due to their personality, Physical attributes, it is a subconscious chemistry for someone. it might turn to … Continue reading Why Crush never fades

EX with Benefits

Hi Guys, remember.. (EX With Benefits)? Here are the Heat lines Sometimes in our lives, we've been hit by this sickness, a major mental health Crisis, causing insanity, madness,recklessness and stupidity. I invented a scientific name for this "Interpersonal Imprinting Affective Disorder" or simply put falling in love and unless cupid took chemistry' no this … Continue reading EX with Benefits

10 Sex Facts Did you know………?

- Did you know that both men and women need about eleven minutes to become sexually aroused? Teasing one another, making naughty suggestions, removing needless undergarments —these are only a few ways to enjoy that extra drive time more with your lover. -A single healthy human male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate … Continue reading 10 Sex Facts Did you know………?


Smile is a powerful Tool its can enchants us, just by looking at that special someone it brightened our day makes us feel good. According to Psychology A Smile can reduce our body Pressure and boost our Immune System, While you are talking with someone, use his/her name frequently. It makes people feel like they … Continue reading Smile