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Give Love a Chance

Give Love a Chance!

Communication in a Relationship

Communication is very important in a relationship.Relationship is a 2 in 1 thing, with less communication we tend to reset to our single non dating life and if this poor communication continues we stop being involved in our partner lives affecting the relationship.In a nutshell communication should be moderate as too much of a thing … Continue reading Communication in a Relationship

Loving Die Hard

If You want to Leave that Lady or Guy you are with right now, Think of How you both meet and Started. You might see reasons to date all over again or quit for good. Love is Sweet and goes through Darker times but Understanding with patience is an extinguisher of Quarrels. Furnish your relationship … Continue reading Loving Die Hard

Love and Truth!

Love goes along way with truth! Being truthful liberates you some difficulties you may encounter in a relationship because your partner already knows in and out! Communication becomes easy, disputes are easily settled! Truth and openness grow Trust! with less Insecurity.

Learning the ropes Again

Finding Comfort and peace to my mind, Finding a blown away, Finding a peaceful setup Wishing to Climb the Iroko for an Ariel view This will Relieve the hearts and body of any gravity Learning the ropes again and this hurts! Learning the ropes again and this hurts!

Love Behind the Scenes

Hello my esteem readers, It's been a while I have geared up to write here due to a lots of transformation going on in my life presently. I want you all to know despite this I wont abandon the passion to share profound contents with you. Fast forward I got a 13 hour job which … Continue reading Love Behind the Scenes

The Race of Life

The race of life is that which Competition is neither compulsory nor necessary The Track is sometimes Slow, Moderate or Fast When you race against someone or something you put things at risk Everyone has his or her time to make things happens Sometimes its an opposite scenario The right time is felt either projected … Continue reading The Race of Life

If you can Dream it you can Achieve it

Dreams are subconscious state of our minds which may not be actual reflection of reality but a source of determinant to make them come true!. Working your way towards your Relationship is one! If you can dream it you can achieve it!- Walt Disney

Remember Love is always around the corner

Love is always around

An Interesting thing you need to Know about Relationships

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Freedom of Expression

Relationships is one of the earthly factor that Preserve part of us, without the opposite sex am very sure we won’t feel a thing called intimacy, attractions or affections.

Just like the first Man Adam Immediately Eve was Created out of him they acclimatize and bound together. They surely needs one another. Our Creator is so Wonderful and wise.

What are the Benefits of Being in a Relationship?

Now back to our Present Generation, Let’s keep the Brittle part of it and say the benefit of Relationship.

Read Pros and Cons of a Relationship

When you are in a Relationship with someone, you tend to Advertise the Brightest part of you for free, you become a brand of yourself with certain abilities and Gestures especially at the beginning of a relationship. Will you marry the person your Dating?

We feel Loved and mostly adjective about our partner…

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Ever Wonder how People fall in Love?

Hi Everyone, Here is a Video clip I made for you all, I gave it much thoughts and hope you will love it. In respect of this clip going forward some contents will be concise in Video clips for simplicity, although articles will be published frequently. I hope you enjoyed this one, ensure you leave … Continue reading Ever Wonder how People fall in Love?

Men attraction to Women

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Men are more attracted to women who possess a bone structure that resembles that of their mothers and Men are also attracted to women with clear skin, bright big eyes, rosy lips, and lustrous hair because they are indicators of health and an optimal partner for reproduction.

A strong sense of humor is generally associated with intelligence and honesty This is why most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor.

One of things about Body Language is that The person who makes eye contact with you while laughing might possibly be attracted to you, we all experience this all through our lives.

The more attractive you find someone, the more difficult it becomes to lie to them and Physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages, hugs and hand holding reduce stress and boost the immune system.

Enjoy your Day!

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Why a Lady Shy away When looking at a Man’s eyes

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Men releases a hormones called testosterone which makes ladies desirous, this is the attraction stage,.

When a lady is harbouring romantic feelings for you, looking at them for long the feel naked, which makes them shy away and can’t hold your gaze, it happens a times to men but our Masculinity eludes that for us.

When a woman is overwhelmed by you and haven’t shared her feelings for you, looking at your eyes for long seems hard and may commits blunder; so eyebrows down is her defensive mechanism at that moment

This chemical signals is released to attract our Opposite sex, its our Masculinity whenever we are with them, gestures, deep voices,body physique etc.

If you are very attentive our mood, voice change whenever we are with the opposite sex even if you don’t have any emotions for them. If a woman give much thoughts to you she will perceive…

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If a Man is interested in You

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Power Hints a Man interest in you is High

-He turns down other women’s advances
-He is not afraid to tell other women he’s happily involved
-He feels he has a lot to lose
-He doesn’t curse at you
-He tries to be the best man for you
-He consider sex to be secondary and not the main focus of the relationship
-You can trust him
-He is not afraid to show affection in public,even if gorgeous women are present and much more

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A New Chapter of Love

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If something has happened in your relationship causing the trust to waiver, you will have many things to work through.

When your mate has done something that requires you to forgive, you have to forgive, REALLY forgive. Once you have worked through the issue either together or with professional counseling, and you tell them that you forgive them, you can never hold that over them again.

As an example, if your mate has had an affair and the two of you choose to work it out rather than throw the relationship away, once the problems are resolved and the forgiveness is said, it is done!

This means that you cannot stalk your mate to ensure they are where they said they would be, call or page them throughout the day, constantly ask for reaffirmation of your relationship, it means that you forgive and put the past behind you and then…

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Courtship and Dating

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Courtship is a period during which future couples develop a romantic relationship and learns deep into each others lives before getting married.

It difficult to Truly love someone you have no chemistry with.

Courtship is a stage where 2 future couples, spend time and live together, to comprehend themselves and know their durability and compatibility Before marriage.

A Friend of mine Told us this ‘Don’t keep studying the ladies in your list please,
Because they can really pretend, after marriage you will see their real face.

‘Some Ladies can be desperate’

‘No matter how pretend you will know someone true qualities unless you are not observant’

I agree with this but it happens in both sexes

Some People start courtship even before engagements unknowingly. you see them together and intimate, but who cares all is in the lane of dating.

Why Dating is Hard

Dating is to have a…

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Home of Love and Relationship Ideas

*1. Make friends with successful people and occasionally buy them gifts and surprise them with lunch because successful people always give and hardly get, so when you give them, they value the gift a lot*.

*2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions and respect the relationship. Never beg your mentor for money or disrespect his or her privacy.*

*3. Make new positive friends as often as possible and ensure you keep the communication line open. Create a network of friends and not just connections.*

*5. Show kindness to everyone. Some small boys today will be big boys tomorrow. The biggest dog in the neighbourhood was once a puppy. Keep the information/secret to yourself.*

*6. Always plan ahead and be proactive. He that plans the future works less in the future.*

*7. Listen to speeches and messages from great teachers, both religious and educational.*

*8. Attend seminars and trainings on…

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Why Couples and Lovers should Kiss?

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That KissAs couples become comfortable with each other, kisses can become lame. Get rid of the pecks and get serious with the kisses. The next time the two of you greet each other, enjoy your kiss and do not be so quick to stop.While there are appropriate times for serious kissing, they should be loving, sincere, and passionate, regardless of how long they last. You will find that as you pay attention to your kissing and let your mate know that you enjoy kissing them, you will both feel better about your relationship.

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Love Hate Thing

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Ever wonder how two haters turn lovers especially of opposite sex, sometimes intimacy crawls in, unknowingly to them of the other. One person may be falling in love unknowingly but blinded by the rage towards each other. Attractionis somethingthat builds slowly from the little spark of impressions; once we are impressed by a little thing, affection or interest crawls in.

Some cases or instance physicality (body physique) plays a part, Love may not be the end result of this , but desirous in wanting each other. Have you ever wowed a good looking Woman/Lady or handsome Man/Guy in your heart? Yeah..

We have a hundred times even the hard heartened. A woman have to look Pleasing and appealing to attract more men and a man have to prep his well to be presentable, cut his hair and accentuate with His beard. Women likes this Masculinity a lots but…

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