Courtship and Dating

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Courtship is a period during which future couples develop a romantic relationship and learns deep into each others lives before getting married.

It difficult to Truly love someone you have no chemistry with.

Courtship is a stage where 2 future couples, spend time and live together, to comprehend themselves and know their durability and compatibility Before marriage.

A Friend of mine Told us this ‘Don’t keep studying the ladies in your list please,
Because they can really pretend, after marriage you will see their real face.

‘Some Ladies can be desperate’

‘No matter how pretend you will know someone true qualities unless you are not observant’

I agree with this but it happens in both sexes

Some People start courtship even before engagements unknowingly. you see them together and intimate, but who cares all is in the lane of dating.

Why Dating is Hard

Dating is to have a…

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