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Pros and Cons of Wearing Short Skirts and Dress

Short Mini Skirts are one of the most trending wears in women fashion this Century. There are many affirmation women cling to this style and pattern. I have to admit as your friend and Companion, I love seeing Short Skirts, its make Women more appealing to me not necessarily Sexual depictions but acceptance. Don't get … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Wearing Short Skirts and Dress

1,000 Likes Appreciation

A Dense Appreciation to all My Readers & Followers Worldwide for your 1,000👍likes of my Contents, Today being 1st day of July the 7 Month. My blog Love and Intimacy hit 1,000 likes, 125 followers, 180 Post and 6,085 total Views. My blog is 4 Months and 18 days old; its hasn't been an easy … Continue reading 1,000 Likes Appreciation

Handsome and Beautiful

Everyone needs a touch in clothing to bring out the uniqueness in them from the head to the toes. Not only Affluent Women, Men and celebrities should look elegant and handsome. We just have to get the best clothing our Pockets can afford and add a little touch of accessories. Nice hairstyle and cut High … Continue reading Handsome and Beautiful

Women are Emotional Creatures

Girls are very emotional creatures whereas men are usually a bit more focused on outward appearances in the beginning of relationships. They are both wired differently. There are certainly girls who are after money (gold diggers). Differentiate yourself from the typical gold digger and let him see you are interested in him for his love … Continue reading Women are Emotional Creatures

Don’t care of love

I am in a stage of my life where I don't want to engage in any relationship and fear the odds of a relationship, I feel its a risk not worth taking now till am ready although riped. Early Past experience and misfortunes really turns me off from dating. 'They say you have to put … Continue reading Don’t care of love

Does Our Childhood Induce our Adulthood in Relationships?

Our childhood most times replicate our future relationships, either negative or positive experience its surely mould how we behave to our partner.. My parent were very over protective of us, and this affects our socialization. We couldn't get enough of romantic relationship. Now we want more of what we never had in the past Does … Continue reading Does Our Childhood Induce our Adulthood in Relationships?