Pros and Cons of Wearing Short Skirts and Dress

Short Mini Skirts are one of the most trending wears in women fashion this Century. There are many affirmation women cling to this style and pattern.

I have to admit as your friend and Companion, I love seeing Short Skirts, its make Women more appealing to me not necessarily Sexual depictions but acceptance. Don’t get this wrong its just some of the things that suits up my feminine side. I like all Suitable wears but their are some too extreme which I don’t.

This Sexual implicit parts like the Thighs, booty Curves and boobs, in some society, Culture and even religious group do not not accept but the Host may be comfortable in them. Despite some grounding regarding what women wear either depicting or not We should always respect them.

Perception is reality. Everyone has different ideology. Those born in the 90s, 80s, 70s and far back has a different perspective of life compared to our today.

Today a lady could not sit in front with a bus driver because Her laps or intimate part will be expose, as she may be uncomfortable and the driver not concentrating on the road.

There are advantages and disadvantages of this wears though Some women may feel comfortable in some wears but some not. Example like sitting poses in a meeting or congregation. Public see it as offensive and irresponsible while they other way round some personalities and Corporate Entities are okay with this Outfit

As Married Woman how do you feel in such wear and situations?

If you are Single how do you feel In Short Skirts?

What are your Comfort and Discomfort in Wearing Short Skirts or Dresses?

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  2. I’m not married and I think choosing what to wear is a personal option. I don’t wear short skirts because it’s difficult to manage and sit properly as you have mentioned.

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