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Ever wonder how two haters turn lovers especially of opposite sex, sometimes intimacy crawls in, unknowingly to them of the other. One person may be falling in love unknowingly but blinded by the rage towards each other. Attractionis somethingthat builds slowly from the little spark of impressions; once we are impressed by a little thing, affection or interest crawls in.

Some cases or instance physicality (body physique) plays a part, Love may not be the end result of this , but desirous in wanting each other. Have you ever wowed a good looking Woman/Lady or handsome Man/Guy in your heart? Yeah..

We have a hundred times even the hard heartened. A woman have to look Pleasing and appealing to attract more men and a man have to prep his well to be presentable, cut his hair and accentuate with His beard. Women likes this Masculinity a lots but…

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