Give Love a Chance

Give Love a Chance!

Communication in a Relationship

Communication is very important in a relationship.Relationship is a 2 in 1 thing, with less communication we tend to reset to our single non dating life and if this poor communication continues we stop being involved in our partner lives affecting the relationship.In a nutshell communication should be moderate as too much of a thing … Continue reading Communication in a Relationship

Love and Truth!

Love goes along way with truth! Being truthful liberates you some difficulties you may encounter in a relationship because your partner already knows in and out! Communication becomes easy, disputes are easily settled! Truth and openness grow Trust! with less Insecurity.

Learning the ropes Again

Finding Comfort and peace to my mind, Finding a blown away, Finding a peaceful setup Wishing to Climb the Iroko for an Ariel view This will Relieve the hearts and body of any gravity Learning the ropes again and this hurts! Learning the ropes again and this hurts!

Love Behind the Scenes

Hello my esteem readers, It's been a while I have geared up to write here due to a lots of transformation going on in my life presently. I want you all to know despite this I wont abandon the passion to share profound contents with you. Fast forward I got a 13 hour job which … Continue reading Love Behind the Scenes

If you can Dream it you can Achieve it

Dreams are subconscious state of our minds which may not be actual reflection of reality but a source of determinant to make them come true!. Working your way towards your Relationship is one! If you can dream it you can achieve it!- Walt Disney

Remember Love is always around the corner

Love is always around

Women are so Ecstatic about everything

Women are so ecstatic about everything They already dream it before you think it. What do you think about this? Drop your opinion in comments box.

Looks to die For

When someone have looks to die for, What do you do? He or she grand smile can melt a heart We always envisioned this beauteous on the spot You are poised to pour compliments to equate the scenario You deem to get noticed have them in your books Everybody likes that What of When someone … Continue reading Looks to die For

If You Like me and want me Just ask

If you want someone to be part of your life, just take a deep breath and ask him or her. You might loose the chance if you do not try..

How to Evaluate your Relationship?

Evaluate your relationship, spend couple of soulful moment together and rewind your ideas overall of your relationship. The period of the relationship day 1 to date. Ask personal questions , don't be shy of it. It's part of getting to know how the other has feel being with you. Are you two sharing same ideology? … Continue reading How to Evaluate your Relationship?

How can you Express Your Feelings?

It's a Pleasant Morning, Happy Sunday to you all. Are you having Issues?Is this difficult for you, let us know we may be able to help.Cheers!

True Love is been replaced by Cupboard Love

True Love has been replaced with Cupboard Love, One of a kind is Rare!.  Kindly review your Relationship, Hanky Panky Everywhere!When an honest Love is forsaken,  it takes a longer time or may never filled that way again!Little things change some people easily.True Love these days is been replaced with Cupboard Love

Getting touch with an EX

Today I talk with my ex I made some enquires on the phone I connected the ear jack to a home theater because I feel lazy. We talked at length and am still amazed with myself I still feel comfort in her voice. My nerves were really calm, I don't want to believe old feelings … Continue reading Getting touch with an EX

A Woman becomes a Reflection of how You Treat Her

Hi Dear readers, about a short article Enough of Superman I wrote sometime last year some of my readers are hazed and sceptical as it may not be explicit as they enjoyed it, so let me digress.  The topic is about a woman who loves her man wholeheartedly, faithful in all corners, make sacrifices for him … Continue reading A Woman becomes a Reflection of how You Treat Her


A Voice is an unforgettable reminince of our everyday life, voices has different tonation some harsh, Authoritative or commanding, while some sound lovely when heard. In my diary there is a one feminine voice which I have to admit to myself am envelope in it everyday. It gives visionary depiction of how the person could … Continue reading FALLING IN LOVE WITH A VOICE

5 Highlights for your Marriage and Relationship

The Person you love is your future expenses! Plan your future together! Holds hands as its relieves the soul! Marriage is a Lifetime adventure, for better and for worse! Share some Vacations Together, travel, picnic just some moments of ecstasy! Don't lets the Spark of your relationship or Marriage dies off, it's not easy but … Continue reading 5 Highlights for your Marriage and Relationship

A Woman is a Lovely Creature!

Women are the Most beautiful of the creatures On earth by God the Creator. They are loving, caring though little cruel when push or in a dicey situation! Read more by clicking the link below all about Woman

If You don’t risk your Heart you may never find true love

Love is Kind! If You don't risk your Heart you may never find true love, that one of the facts of Love. You have to try, persist in order to achieve something good, manner doesn't fall from the sky. Although you have to be diligent while on an adventure like this, don't extremely push yourself … Continue reading If You don’t risk your Heart you may never find true love

Submissiveness in Marriages and Relationships

Submissiveness Submissiveness has to be acceptance, willingness and Consent to a thing. in aspect of human relationships this is quite different. Submissiveness can be In different ways, like for married couple; romance,intimacy and sex is considered authorised entry. Both parties are well Informed. In some relationships we don't get all submissiveness, I have dated a … Continue reading Submissiveness in Marriages and Relationships