Maintaining a Steady Erection


Most men do just fine when it comes to getting a good erection but
that does not guarantee it will be the same every day. Few years back, I had met a guy whose erection was ultra-hard & we enjoyed the ultimate sex. And then, very recently I heard the guy is used to avoid girls because he has totally lost his pride. I was truly surprised.

As you know getting an erection is a complex procedure which involves your brain, heart, feelings and other external factors like arousal and anxiety.

*The most important factor that affects is smoking & drinking.

There’s nothing to explain about it because you all know these both activities are very harmful to the body. Smoking affects every system & organ of the body including sexual functioning.

Smokers are thrice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers. You may have experienced that it’s far harder to get an erection when you’re drunk, than when you’re sober.

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