Women are so Ecstatic about everything

Women are so ecstatic about everything They already dream it before you think it. What do you think about this? Drop your opinion in comments box.

Women are the Salt of the Earth (Women’s Day 2020)

Celebrating all The Descendants of Eve. We Love you all and appreciate your Support, Time, Love and Affection. Thank you for Being an abode of Happiness.@asknoahjamilu #Womensday_08_03Happy Women's Day 2020.@asknoahjamilu

What is the Difficulty in Wearing Short Skirts and Gowns?

Hi everyone, Today post is about Women wearing shorts skirts and gowns . First of all those of us that are into fashion I'll need maximum participation in comments section and all the Men well need your thoughts. take note of the visuals of this wears. Short gowns Trousers Short Skirt Short Gowns So here … Continue reading What is the Difficulty in Wearing Short Skirts and Gowns?

A Woman is a Lovely Creature!

Women are the Most beautiful of the creatures On earth by God the Creator. They are loving, caring though little cruel when push or in a dicey situation! Read more by clicking the link below all about Woman

A Man is a Hardware, a Woman is a Software

Right from the inception days of Humanity, Man is natured to be Rigid intentionally and decisions wise. He is build up to have a domination over all Things on earth Including a Woman but She must be Respected as she is one of his own. Come to think of it A Woman is created from … Continue reading A Man is a Hardware, a Woman is a Software

The Importance of a Man’s Love and Care in a Woman’s Life

Hi Dear Readers, I want to use this medium for you all to dig about this Topic: The Importance of a Man's Love and Care in a Woman's life What is the joy of a Woman without a Man's Love and Care? If there are any explain She may be sophisticated giving her fellows competition … Continue reading The Importance of a Man’s Love and Care in a Woman’s Life

Good Looks Pays

Good figure, its usually good to look and get appraised. There are wears that draws attention to us. Which ever way you want to be perceived. Psychology made an interesting Observation If you are more attractive then there are chances that, you are less likely to suffer punishment when convicted and even lesser chances to … Continue reading Good Looks Pays

Why are women so competitive in fashion?

This may sound strange but true! Well naturally most women loves looking all classy Some ladies also think it's a way of bringing attention and best way to keep their partners around them I've seen lots of ladies and women who changed their dressing style all to suit their partner. They way a lady grooms … Continue reading Why are women so competitive in fashion?

How do you take away the fear of approaching a lady you love?

Ask her for a Date, Request for sometime with her and share your feelings, behind the Scenes won't help. Once you look into her eyes and hold her in conversation your fear is your history. If you are really serious about her, you have to make efforts, visit or grab an opportunity to clear the … Continue reading How do you take away the fear of approaching a lady you love?

The Dynamics of Romantic Relationship and Marriage – How will my boyfriend or Husband Love Me More?

Relationship is an idealization and mutual consent of commitments to serve a sole goal, for Romantic relationships Love is a bond and requisite that cements this commitments. Romance is Necessary Romances are intimate expressions of our emotions and feelings for a partner, they may be physical intimacy, emotional intimacy or abstract. It is necessary in … Continue reading The Dynamics of Romantic Relationship and Marriage – How will my boyfriend or Husband Love Me More?

31 Sіgnѕ Hе Lіkеѕ Yоu

1. Hе offers tо buу you coffee, a bееr, dіnnеr, оr оthеr іtеmѕ. Sоmеtіmеѕ this іѕ a ѕіgn of frіеndѕhір, contrary tо other реорlе’ѕ bеlіеfѕ. It іѕ a роѕіtіvе ѕіgn, аnd may mеаn he rеѕресtѕ you. 2. He finds еxсuѕеѕ to touch уоu, ѕuсh аѕ: guiding уоu thrоugh a busy rооm bу putting hіѕ hаnd … Continue reading 31 Sіgnѕ Hе Lіkеѕ Yоu

Men attraction to Women

Men Men are more attracted to women who possess a bone structure that resembles that of their mothers and Men are also attracted to women with clear skin, bright big eyes, rosy lips, and lustrous hair because they are indicators of health and an optimal partner for reproduction. A strong sense of humor is generally … Continue reading Men attraction to Women

Crush on a Mаrrіеd Man? Hоw Do Yоu Dеаl Wіth It?

Hе іѕ devastatingly attractive, hе is totally wonderful, уоu саn't gеt hіm оut of your mind, аnd ... he's аlrеаdу taken. What do you do? Lіkе many, many women, I hаvе bееn іn thіѕ ѕіtuаtіоn mоrе than оnсе іn mу lіfе. Whеthеr уоu yourself are single, аttасhеd, mаrrіеd ... іt can hарреn tо уоu. Thіѕ … Continue reading Crush on a Mаrrіеd Man? Hоw Do Yоu Dеаl Wіth It?

Feelings of a Woman

It is a good feeling to be with a Man, a Man that freeze your soul and neutralize every unbalance in your blood stream. A Woman create chance for who She care for, if you happen to be on her top list. You really have strong thing on her; never be Sarcastic and be honest … Continue reading Feelings of a Woman

How to Spot Signs She likes you

A lot of guys don’t know when to ask a girl out. Rather than reading the signs she’s ready, they keep chatting and milk the conversation for too long. The girl quickly loses interest and they don’t understand where they went wrong. NEWSFLASH: Girls do not want to have long drawn out conversations over text. … Continue reading How to Spot Signs She likes you

Women are Emotional Creatures

Girls are very emotional creatures whereas men are usually a bit more focused on outward appearances in the beginning of relationships. They are both wired differently. There are certainly girls who are after money (gold diggers). Differentiate yourself from the typical gold digger and let him see you are interested in him for his love … Continue reading Women are Emotional Creatures

Children’s Day

On this Day We Celebrate all Our Children's on Planets Earth, Take the time out and share endless Love to all our Children be it in their infancy till their Adulthood. We are all someone's Joy . Happy Children's Day😄😘😘 Celebrate a Child Today

CARE for Women

Women need care due to their fragile and weak nature. No matter how old she is, sometimes, she will behave in a childish way. Men must adopt the following habits to their wives: Sympathy It is very important for a man to sympathize with his wife. Sympathizing with her at any time means that you … Continue reading CARE for Women

Fashion -Attraction

Attraction builds slowly and faster depending on the Visuals, time spent and much more. Every Boy or girl, Man or woman feels this sparks whenever something or someone is appealing and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes its not about their body physique but how what the wear accentuate with their body; yes everyone want to … Continue reading Fashion -Attraction

Love is a thing , To love is a Decision

A Close friend of mine had an experience, so we chat about it. Are you sure you want a relationship with him/her? 3 years is more than enough for someone to Fall in love with you… How does she perceive you..does she lingers around you…enjoys your company? Directly or indirectly…. First impression matters But it … Continue reading Love is a thing , To love is a Decision