True Love is always Honest

True Love begins with honesty.

When you fall in love, you always have a great sense of humor.

When you fall in love, you always have a great sense of humor..

Love start from the Looks

Love start from the Looks

If You Like me and want me Just ask

If you want someone to be part of your life, just take a deep breath and ask him or her. You might loose the chance if you do not try..

Always be positive in finding the right Partner

There are billions of human in your planet; don’t envelope yourself in Pain or Sorrow. Love is always Close by. Love can be found anywhere, anytime and when unexpected.

Crush Quote

Share how you feel to your crush. This is a Quote to a Crush which will make them melt while reading it. You have Chances with this Quote.

True Love is been replaced by Cupboard Love

True Love has been replaced with Cupboard Love, One of a kind is Rare!.  Kindly review your Relationship, Hanky Panky Everywhere!When an honest Love is forsaken,  it takes a longer time or may never filled that way again!Little things change some people easily.True Love these days is been replaced with Cupboard Love