In The Matters of the heart I loose courage

A day feels like a year since I Poet here Ocean of life drive me away from here Am hoping the tides bring me to the bank In the matters of the heart I loose courage I wish to compliment a Married person Guess I have hots for this person ©asknoahjamilu

Could this be Love?

Photo source: PinterestI was with a bit of bluff yesterdayI keep thinking of her profusely.Everyone classified it as puppy love,but the saying goes 'it for all ages'.I really don't want to fall out of itI really wants itI think She has the hots for me She is shy so I amI just hope she doesn't … Continue reading Could this be Love?

A Woman becomes a Reflection of how You Treat Her

Hi Dear readers, about a short article Enough of Superman I wrote sometime last year some of my readers are hazed and sceptical as it may not be explicit as they enjoyed it, so let me digress.  The topic is about a woman who loves her man wholeheartedly, faithful in all corners, make sacrifices for him … Continue reading A Woman becomes a Reflection of how You Treat Her

A Love From a Distance

I fell in love with you the Second I sight you I couldn't express my Joy of meeting a Beauty. Your aquiline smiles always behoves me I get knocked out by your pretty eyes no resurrection You are so Lovely I can't hold your gaze You look diffident The Sun competes with your complexion I … Continue reading A Love From a Distance

Black and White is Love! Abstraction of Love is not Coloured.

Love doesn't have to be Colourized, its Generic.We are created from One Woman and One ManJust like seeds we are scattered and spread acrossSome experience Day and Night simultaneouslyWe all sleep but different time, so why frustrate loveLove becomes Beautiful when you want it to beThoughts of Colour portrays our diminutivenessLove and do not hateSo … Continue reading Black and White is Love! Abstraction of Love is not Coloured.

I Fell in Love Again

There is this girl I meet back in school Since 2012 I have never love like this.. I approached her and like everything about her I really love her so much. I knew she won't be by herself definitely she has a guy I treated her In school like a Queen, I bought food stuffs … Continue reading I Fell in Love Again

Thoughts of A Broken Heart

I seek for love but million light years to achieve To achieve you have to believe they say I desire Comfort in that arms I want to be in your arms a lifetime I become acquainted with every of your footprints I have become such a Desperado I kept Chastity till you came and I … Continue reading Thoughts of A Broken Heart

3 Women on Me


In A Woman’s Arms

They say Disney world is the happiest place on earth! Obviously they haven’t been in your arms. You're A Lover with a Mezzo Soprano voice, with Ballant -Natured Face, you are so fanciable absolutely endless in motion you are always mickey in the Game, nothing can devour our Tryst. Voices says am a Killer Joy, … Continue reading In A Woman’s Arms

Age is just a Number

I fell in love with an older Lady, we shared propitious moment together, it was a relationship based on intense feeling from an experience I am not a criminal because I have complicated feelings, Marriage is about sharing everything Am not acclimatize with this society, sometimes Less is More A woman lips says a lot … Continue reading Age is just a Number

My Motivation

Ego response Anticipatory dreams Differential calculus Both are predicted A reaction is opposite and equal Arms on her hips Running a lab out of wikipedia scheduled Your night is my day, your day is my night If a relationship is base on intense experiences it never work Only fools don't learn The true nature of … Continue reading My Motivation

Long Legs and Dry Lips

It being a long time A Lass Snuggled me My Lips has been so dry like Mars My hands feel amputated A Voluminous Body I seek I know am a Celibate But Sexual attraction is a large part of falling in love Man shall not live by bread Alone! The Beast in me needs his … Continue reading Long Legs and Dry Lips

A Pen Pal

In this quest I find a full stop here, already acquainted with the night! Let make a spark here What do you think pretty just a thought of you, am enveloped in emotions, I knew am not far from completion Consent Please Pen pal

From a Bleeding Soul

Despite the Enormous feelings I have for him, He still cheats on me, I hate being cheated But long gone he was my heart Desires he was the only one never on my blacklisting Those on the list are just feelings without attachment

Vague feelings

Good Morning to the World Good night to the Vague feeling Cling to the memory lane For there is a momentous of Grave heart Bring the key to unlock my Substance Feel the erogenous zone When you touch me I feel graved

Forever Crush

Dearest you are openly unaware Only we can feel, see, imagine thoughts at every Gaze that glue us, Enveloped Our Interact I think Desires Sanks us in Casino Just by a Look A Tsunami Wave cant devour this feeling More Love Child.

Enough of Superman

Loving you till the Oceans runs dry Snuggle forever over your shoulders Always available to warm your Bed Always Affably Affectionately yours despite your Mischievousness Just because you're a Superman I'm fed up with your Polygamous feelings I'm not desirous of a Superman anymore I need a Insatiable Man Enough of Wonderland I want to … Continue reading Enough of Superman

Don’t care of love

I am in a stage of my life where I don't want to engage in any relationship and fear the odds of a relationship, I feel its a risk not worth taking now till am ready although riped. Early Past experience and misfortunes really turns me off from dating. 'They say you have to put … Continue reading Don’t care of love

A Letter to the Future

Dear Sun, Moon, Stars, I Salute! As you unfold daylight into darkness I have hoped that your saying to the earth Will cast brightness on our lives Ooh! Future Revolution now shows you are close Ooh! Bring to us a life enhancing companion 'Settle the Plants with abundant nurture' 'Pay every hands according to their … Continue reading A Letter to the Future

My 1st Date

You have to smile when on a date.. Lean back Maintain Eye contact all the time Be forward naturally Some one is kind , funny and be yourself Appreciate love not only as you do but as other do Love holy Love is living again Your moment will break when its time and your ready … Continue reading My 1st Date