Loving Die Hard

If You want to Leave that Lady or Guy you are with right now, Think of How you both meet and Started. You might see reasons to date all over again or quit for good. Love is Sweet and goes through Darker times but Understanding with patience is an extinguisher of Quarrels. Furnish your relationship … Continue reading Loving Die Hard

How to Prevent Heart Break?

It's so Inhuman to be unjust when someone has love and affection towards you, you don't feel same way yet you make adversities, convincing them you're on same Page. Stop expecting to have a successful relationship when you still living like youare single. If you still playing games thenwhy make a heart think that you … Continue reading How to Prevent Heart Break?

Always be positive in finding the right Partner

There are billions of human in your planet; don’t envelope yourself in Pain or Sorrow. Love is always Close by. Love can be found anywhere, anytime and when unexpected.

One of My Early Relationship Heart breaks due to Insecurities

One of my early relationship ended rough due to my partner insecurities and Jealousies was becoming disgusting. Every actions I get judged; I don't have peace of the Mind. A relationship that swims in doubts is never a healthy one. You tends to be limited to someone or miss some lifetime opportunities; like getting a … Continue reading One of My Early Relationship Heart breaks due to Insecurities

Give yourself Some Value

If your man is not comfortable with you in public, please let go. If your man always complain about every little thing and never appreciate a thing even when you give corrections But appreciate ladies outside, pleas let go. If your man want to change your real you to suit his own taste review the … Continue reading Give yourself Some Value

Make a decision today About your failing relationship

Make a decision, Get a private moments with your partner, sit, and discuss your relationship, ask your questions, make sure you are looking into their eyes, eyeball to eyeball. Tell him/her you want to know where they stands and why the relationship is derailing. What ever answer they gives you or you perceived; follow your … Continue reading Make a decision today About your failing relationship

Relationship Hurdles a Story

Photo source- Station 19 TV series Relationship Is more of a game? Here is a Short Story from 2 Heart that Loves wholly 1. When we started dating she never tell me that she had a child, I found out later and I still consider and accept her only to find out she is still … Continue reading Relationship Hurdles a Story

Enough of Superman

Loving you till the Oceans runs dry Snuggle forever over your shoulders Always available to warm your Bed Always Affably Affectionately yours despite your Mischievousness Just because you're a Superman I'm fed up with your Polygamous feelings I'm not desirous of a Superman anymore I need a Insatiable Man Enough of Wonderland I want to … Continue reading Enough of Superman

Don’t care of love

I am in a stage of my life where I don't want to engage in any relationship and fear the odds of a relationship, I feel its a risk not worth taking now till am ready although riped. Early Past experience and misfortunes really turns me off from dating. 'They say you have to put … Continue reading Don’t care of love