Friendship is one of the interesting thing about life

Friendship is one of the interesting thing about life. If you have one Value it.

Reaching Out to Forgotten Contacts

Call, Chat, text, or Email Someone Today to know how they are faring, go through your contacts old families, friends and personalities might be there you have forgotten their existence. Show them you still care and holds them inked in our diary even though life dispersed us all. I know am still single and may … Continue reading Reaching Out to Forgotten Contacts

What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?

Promiscuous is having many sexual partners, what are the effects of this kind of lifestyle, is it positive or negative?. As human we all have different views, wants and taste out of life. I am writing this post not to clamp against lifestyles but just an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in a humorous … Continue reading What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?