True Love is been replaced by Cupboard Love

True Love has been replaced with Cupboard Love, One of a kind is Rare!.  Kindly review your Relationship, Hanky Panky Everywhere!When an honest Love is forsaken,  it takes a longer time or may never filled that way again!Little things change some people easily.True Love these days is been replaced with Cupboard Love

Getting touch with an EX

Today I talk with my ex I made some enquires on the phone I connected the ear jack to a home theater because I feel lazy. We talked at length and am still amazed with myself I still feel comfort in her voice. My nerves were really calm, I don't want to believe old feelings … Continue reading Getting touch with an EX

Honey Moon

Let talk about Honey Moon, Honey moon seems to be an epic and once in a marital life experience for newly wedded couples, even engaged bride or groom to be anticipated this wonderful moments. It's is a moment's you turn off yourself from mostly all unpleasant and disturbing matters just the two of you in … Continue reading Honey Moon

Do You Love Someone Due to Their Physical Apperance?

You don't love someone because of their looks You love someone because their heart sings a song that only your heart can understand. Yeah that the feeling of loving, some times looks and physical appearance behoves us. Its not our fault neither anyone but nature designs. Through looks some of us tends to like someone … Continue reading Do You Love Someone Due to Their Physical Apperance?

Why are You not Dating?

Dating is an Interesting and relative part of our lives, it a Consent of feelings that one shares a bond with the other. Do you have a Partner, are you a couple? What is that reason presently you don't or keep a partner. Below are the some answers from Perception. Scared of Commitments Heartbroken Age … Continue reading Why are You not Dating?

An Outstanding Ankara Styles for Couples

As a Nigerian and African, there are many suitable Ankara designs Couples put on either its an engagement, a traditional wedding or just moments of two. Looking at these couples photo below You will see how their wears accentuate their union. You can even perceived them they are new Married couple! More Kudos to the … Continue reading An Outstanding Ankara Styles for Couples

How often do you Smooch your Partner?

I found this Pin while Surfing on my Pinterest, I must admit this photo is so sweet and lovely, I can imagine the ecstasy they are in, how the smooching is endless in motion. I call them Mr Handsome and Mrs Beautiful. Oh my God I just love this. If your the Mr and reading … Continue reading How often do you Smooch your Partner?