Communication in a Relationship

Communication is very important in a relationship.Relationship is a 2 in 1 thing, with less communication we tend to reset to our single non dating life and if this poor communication continues we stop being involved in our partner lives affecting the relationship.In a nutshell communication should be moderate as too much of a thing … Continue reading Communication in a Relationship

Loving Die Hard

If You want to Leave that Lady or Guy you are with right now, Think of How you both meet and Started. You might see reasons to date all over again or quit for good. Love is Sweet and goes through Darker times but Understanding with patience is an extinguisher of Quarrels. Furnish your relationship … Continue reading Loving Die Hard

Reaching Out to Forgotten Contacts

Call, Chat, text, or Email Someone Today to know how they are faring, go through your contacts old families, friends and personalities might be there you have forgotten their existence. Show them you still care and holds them inked in our diary even though life dispersed us all. I know am still single and may … Continue reading Reaching Out to Forgotten Contacts

How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View

Staring at a handsome or beautiful face sometimes makes us to confuse, mumble or even stammer. Today at Customer Service, A customer stumble upon me, the visit is her third succession. They say a happy customer Is a repeat customer. Her spotless face was endless in Gaze as I loose a bit of focus. I … Continue reading How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View