How to Overcome Love Sick Issues

Love sickening can happen to any human, we cross path with millions of people everyday. I do mentioned this multiple types in my post. "There is someone out for you and for me" To be Lovesick is like a fever unable to think clearly or behave in a sensible way because you are in love … Continue reading How to Overcome Love Sick Issues

What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?

Promiscuous is having many sexual partners, what are the effects of this kind of lifestyle, is it positive or negative?. As human we all have different views, wants and taste out of life. I am writing this post not to clamp against lifestyles but just an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in a humorous … Continue reading What about Multiple Sexual Relationships?

How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View

Staring at a handsome or beautiful face sometimes makes us to confuse, mumble or even stammer. Today at Customer Service, A customer stumble upon me, the visit is her third succession. They say a happy customer Is a repeat customer. Her spotless face was endless in Gaze as I loose a bit of focus. I … Continue reading How our Body react to A Pleasant or Sophisticated View

Guys do this Today- Seduction Tips

Look neat. Keep yourself well groomed and in shape. If you want to get a woman to like you, basic cleanliness and appearance are extremely important. Girls notice things like bad breath, flab, body odour and greasy hair before they notice that winning personality. Speak to her. It's unlikely a girl will be at all … Continue reading Guys do this Today- Seduction Tips

How do you Approach a Woman about your feelings?

Good morning Dear Readers Today I am going to you ask a Question How do you tell a Woman you have fallen in love with her? More Read A Woman feelings of a Woman How to be romantic with your Woman Pros and cons of wear short Skirts Please drop your Answers in Comment Box

Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Seducing A Woman

1.Haunt her periphery Begin your seduction at an indirect angle. If she learns your true intentions too soon, the chances are good her barriers will shoot up. Cultivate a relatively neutral relationship that will lull her into feeling secure with you. 2. Make like Oprah and enter her spirit Play by her rules and indulge … Continue reading Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Seducing A Woman

How To Be Romantic

Do you remember that one time? - As the months and years go on, it can become easy to forget why we fell so hard for a person in the first place. Talk about that lovely day you met each other, laugh about that terribly embarrassing thing you said on your first date, and remind … Continue reading How To Be Romantic

What is Love and Marriage?

Hi Guys if your Dating,Single Married or Divorce We will love to here your thoughts about Love and Marriages. Share your thoughts With us in the Comment Section

Why we Should Smile Always

Smile According to Human Behavioural and cognitive study, When you meet someone, show excitement, this way the other person will be excited about the meeting too. Smile and keep eye contact While in conversation, smile at the other person and keep eye contact more than 60-70% of the time. Smiles can release happy glands Oxytocin … Continue reading Why we Should Smile Always

The Chemistry of Love

Interracial Love Love is a very interesting thing, its spark like wildfire when its ignites, gives us tension especially when attraction sets in. It makes us strong likewise Vulnerable. Let me ask have you ever fallen in Love? Yes we do, When two people are in Love or having intimate feelings for one another, its … Continue reading The Chemistry of Love

Motivations for Lovers, Couples and Everyone

Don't confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship,attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken for Love💗. You'll never know how Romantic a Song is till you go through the Lyrics, so does our feelings. The way you make me feel is what prompt my emotions When a woman follows a … Continue reading Motivations for Lovers, Couples and Everyone

Why Sexual Pleasures can be absent in a Relationship or Marriage

Every Man or woman is romantic in his or her own way, but some may not possess this gift. The world has different religious views and belief on Kissing and romance. Depending on your belief; some Humans on earth are not religious but psychosocial, believe in 1+1, Some are hard core. So I believe we … Continue reading Why Sexual Pleasures can be absent in a Relationship or Marriage

Human Desires

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Man is absolutely vulnerable to the vulgarity of every voluptuous body(Woman) which he sights, wearing a voluminous ornamentals also nail it. Women and Girls makes men to be vulnerable of their jokes, lies in fact their arrogance and Elegance … Continue reading Human Desires

How to be Romantic with your Woman and (Foreplay)

You just need more foreplay and her response to your touches are what arouses you. Give her nice treat, make sure you don't add to her stressful day, rather you ease her stress. Treat her Like a Child. Prepare the shower for her after so much stress, make her a nice meal, then end it … Continue reading How to be Romantic with your Woman and (Foreplay)

When Someone gaze at you ardently

When Someone gaze at you ardently, Tilt and smile diffidently it is sure an ecstatic moments for us, Consensual behaviours are usually involuntary or reflex. It not easy admitting ones love feelings to the other; I myself is in the same shoe presently. ‘I hate to Love and Loose’ but if you don’t tell that … Continue reading When Someone gaze at you ardently

Genetic Sexual Attraction

Yesterday I was intertwined With My Long Great-Grand Sister -Crush on a call, I felt warm, she was so comforting. we miss each other so much! Her tone and words were so sensual, she couldn't withheld the burning desire only to be express in her tone. I laid on my bed and feel like it … Continue reading Genetic Sexual Attraction

Don’t Confuse Love and Sex

Don't confuse sex with love, especially in the beginning of a relationship, attraction and pleasure are often mistaken for love. Romantic love is a mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy and the idealization of one’s partner. while (Sex) is a Physical intimacy which creates a strong physical attraction. But for the emotional … Continue reading Don’t Confuse Love and Sex

Men attraction to Women

Men Men are more attracted to women who possess a bone structure that resembles that of their mothers and Men are also attracted to women with clear skin, bright big eyes, rosy lips, and lustrous hair because they are indicators of health and an optimal partner for reproduction. A strong sense of humor is generally … Continue reading Men attraction to Women

Crush on a Mаrrіеd Man? Hоw Do Yоu Dеаl Wіth It?

Hе іѕ devastatingly attractive, hе is totally wonderful, уоu саn't gеt hіm оut of your mind, аnd ... he's аlrеаdу taken. What do you do? Lіkе many, many women, I hаvе bееn іn thіѕ ѕіtuаtіоn mоrе than оnсе іn mу lіfе. Whеthеr уоu yourself are single, аttасhеd, mаrrіеd ... іt can hарреn tо уоu. Thіѕ … Continue reading Crush on a Mаrrіеd Man? Hоw Do Yоu Dеаl Wіth It?

Feelings of a Woman

It is a good feeling to be with a Man, a Man that freeze your soul and neutralize every unbalance in your blood stream. A Woman create chance for who She care for, if you happen to be on her top list. You really have strong thing on her; never be Sarcastic and be honest … Continue reading Feelings of a Woman