Forgiveness after Cheating

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Hmm very Difficult to Answer.. Cheating is a deep cut. It will take time to Balance or may never regain it love rhythm. I have witnessed the beginnings of relationship,one partner cheats and it never remain the same even after breaks up and make ups.

I believe it will not be the same;It will either be better or worse. I have seen a situation where the relationship became better and more of love. Although so many things contributed, I think 70% of relationships will not recover after a partner cheats.

People may truly be in love but still cheats. Its normal for people to feel that sense of unfaithfulness but..Cheating is a decision. Some husbands love their wife but still cheat why some don’t and vice versa..cheating is a decision.. So the blame is two way. you may choose to know why couples and lovers cheated .


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