Looks to die For

When someone have looks to die for,

What do you do?

He or she grand smile can melt a heart

We always envisioned this beauteous on the spot

You are poised to pour compliments to equate the scenario

You deem to get noticed

have them in your books

Everybody likes that

What of When someone gaze at you ardently?

What stir a man is a lady’s clothes

but what can turn a lady on?

In the night we hardly get forty winks

A quiet mood can be a setup

We long for this feeling even drown

Infatuation sets in when we add the wrong catalyst.

Let’s not be proud and reveal how we feel about ourselves

Sometimes I wonder what a woman tends to achieve with affluent appearance

Intensive joy and happiness

Ladies want all man to have hots for them

I am monogamous and expect it in return

We conceal thoughts only our creator read

There are billions of women and men on earth

Keep limits when chasing love, affection or attention.

Its worthless when not freely given.

Always know this feeling will pass.

She is so good looking

Photo: Peace Apoo