The Missing Rib- A Must read for all Men

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Man is the Strongest and Brilliant of all Higher Primates but as nature poses to us, for every Man brightest Moments there are Darker ones. The Vulnerable Part of a Man is his heart which is occupied by only a Fellow Specie – A Woman.

A Woman is part of a Man he rarely resist or desist, according to our holy book and Teachings A woman was created from a piece of him while in Slumber. This make him Wanting and Desiring this Missing part of him throughout his lifetime till he finds it.

And Whenever he sees it(her) he becomes complete and never want to let go; She is more than a Diamond anyway. The Missing Rib as we all say is also like a gift from our creator.

We find peace, Comfort and Companionship

For every great Man there is a Woman behind him

Do you believe this…

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