Marriages is for Better and for Worse

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Getting Married is like Opening the 1st Page of a new book you’re anxious of what you bought, no much detail till you turn each page across.

“Yes I do” can be just Words, but entails and a heavy weight as dense like the Ocean, standing at the isle looking into those Beautiful eyes is a Wonderful feeling, a feeling that sails you away to an Island. It Ecstasy is so overwhelming that you never want it to stop.

Marriage is An Island When you explore, you have to camp or build a Tent, a comfortable one able to accommodate you and your Spouse. Just like a Virgin Land too, you fallow it before Cultivation.

The Sweetness of Marriage Ceremony relieves the moments you both walk out.; all the Celebration and happy moments tends to hold. What Many Couples don’t know is that Romantic Love tends to Fades as Marriages…

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