Will you Marry The Person you are Presently Dating?

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This Big Question bring me back to a post I wrote Why dating is hard?

There are Many reasons people date but here is a major

Emotional Companionship

According to Oxford definition Companionship is the pleasant feeling you have when you have a friendly relationship with someone and you aren’t alone. Emotions are strong feeling such as love, fear or anger and so on.

Humans needs this sense of feeling and belonging from the opposite sex. Loneliness drown the soul. Before getting married We need that person to spice up our day after a hard day job. We feel emotionally balance when we are cared for. The thoughts that someone out there care and participate in all our endeavours is so heart warming.

Although there is an phenomena between both sexes. Some people we meet in life are ladder of success or building blocks while some are to make…

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