How to Evaluate your Relationship?

Evaluate your relationship, spend couple of soulful moment together and rewind your ideas overall of your relationship. The period of the relationship day 1 to date.

Ask personal questions , don’t be shy of it. It’s part of getting to know how the other has feel being with you. Are you two sharing same ideology? What is the prospect of the dating? Is it for fun, short term, or something more serious?

How long do you intend to date?

Ask questions so you can clear doubts, a doubtful mind is a wanderer in a strange land.

Your date partner may have an issue on his or her mind to share with you but may be afraid or as I have said shy to face you. Loving someone goes a long way with just excitement or attachment, it is clearing sharing each others world.

Listen with all your senses, make your partner feel homey make him or her feel there is a peace abode in you. Give them the feel of a champion they can revert to.

To round up the Post

Kindly note the following

  • Relationship is commitment based.
  • Two loving hearts synchronized to walk same part, so no self centeredness
  • Never give room for doubts.
  • Love with an honest Heart.
  • Make Co Projection of the relationship.
  • Say as its is, never deny yourself the truth.

Ask Questions for Clarity!

©Noah Jemilu