Getting touch with an EX

Today I talk with my ex I made some enquires on the phone I connected the ear jack to a home theater because I feel lazy. We talked at length and am still amazed with myself I still feel comfort in her voice.

My nerves were really calm, I don’t want to believe old feelings are uprising But that’s true if you’ll judge me, I still like her a lots!.

She is my last ex counting 3years. She likes and has feelings for me but couldn’t love reasons: only heaven knows maybe I meet her at different stage of her life. She wasn’t available Guess what I even asked her ‘do you even miss me? ‘ I know you never did She changes the subject.

Sometimes we feel the need of affection from our Ex and attention. Let me explain if I could get her back I’ll walk the path.

Sounds foolish right? Fool again. My X never gave me to many chances to show how much I care I became more broken after the break up relating to my personality I usually love wholeheartedly and a humorous being.

I wish to find someone who loves me every blink of the eyes. Over the years I have grown strong in hearts sure I will feel less impact of future occurrence.

Hoping to Find my Cinderella Soon!

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