Valentine’s Day

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Valentine is a Special Season for Lovers, to celebrate and build this thing called ‘Love’ 14thFebruary. It is widely Celebrated all over the world with Family,friends and Lovers. We should use this period to express our immense affection to our wives,husband,lover and love ones.

I have some Ideas how you can spend this special day, whether you are a very busy time, or depends on how your schedule is.

Visiting The Orphanage home and Hospitals

If you’re thinking of how to spend this day with someone close to you or you don’t even have a partner you can Package few gifts,food or anything you can share with them Nothing is too small. You can go with a friend or some, engage in games, takes photographs and spend some quality time with the Orphans. You can also visits hospitals and maternity homes and let them no the world is…

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