What is the Difficulty in Wearing Short Skirts and Gowns?

Hi everyone, Today post is about Women wearing shorts skirts and gowns . First of all those of us that are into fashion I’ll need maximum participation in comments section and all the Men well need your thoughts. take note of the visuals of this wears.

Short gowns
Short Skirt

Short Gowns

So here are my questions for the Women

  • Do you wear short skirts/gowns? State reasons
  • How do you manage it?
  • Do you feel ease and attractive in it?
  • How often do you wear shorts skirts/gowns?
  • Which is more expensive?


  • What’s your preference Trousers or Skirts?
  • State your reasons
  • Which of the two turns you on?
  • What are the advantages over one another?
  • Which should you encourage?

Let us hear your views about this wonderful topic. Thank you!