A Man is a Hardware, a Woman is a Software

Right from the inception days of Humanity, Man is natured to be Rigid intentionally and decisions wise. He is build up to have a domination over all Things on earth Including a Woman but She must be Respected as she is one of his own.

Come to think of it A Woman is created from a tiny part of A man (Ribs) yet deem to be the most Powerful and weakness of a Man. Yes I can endlessly make a Scientific personification about it.

Man is a Hardware and a Woman a Software

They are both interwined together and each can not attain full functionality throughout their ages without the other

This a natural phenomenon which is undisputed. Social stratification practices cant not measure up or derail this fact; bottom line is They two Species

(Man and Woman) two Ware (Hardware and Software) are complementary to each other. More on Woman and Man

They are Companions to start a Home and Multiply. As I close this Chapter of Man and Woman, I leave with some Salient Tips for The two to blend and understand each other especially if your in a Relationship or a Couple.

Read Man and Woman and Missing Rib

  1. Love your wife or husband Wholeheartedly.
  2. Be humorous with your partner empathize with him or her, it give assurance he or she is not walking alone.
  3. Be Romantic always.
  4. Don’t be a Judge, argue it constructively and Judiciously
  5. Be each others best friend
  6. Desist from Extra Marital Affairs and be Faithful.
  7. Infidelity can destroy a Mountain be guided.
  8. Trust one another, once trust is Lost it takes a longer time to regain or Lost forever.
  9. Never be self centered, always carry each other along.
  10. Support each other dreams.

Read Man and Woman and Missing Rib