A Love From a Distance

I fell in love with you the Second I sight you

I couldn’t express my Joy of meeting a Beauty.

Your aquiline smiles always behoves me

I get knocked out by your pretty eyes no resurrection

You are so Lovely

I can’t hold your gaze

You look diffident

The Sun competes with your complexion

I love your accentuation

I love you

But my personal space limited my esteem self

Natural difference were my excuses

You seem mutual yet am a coward to confess my feelings

Ooh I wish I hinted my feelings

I wish I knew what you like and love

Am a lover from distance, a Priest in your presence

My blood flows like the River Nile

My hearts beats like mountain Everest

I really Love you

I couldn’t read your signs.

I wish You knew

I want to make it up to you but how can I

Make it up to you when you’re far away

I suffer every time you flashes my mind

You should have tried to understand

I am the antithesis of World War III

You strengthen my defense

Yet a Wickling to express my feelings

I can’t count my Chances anymore I Lost all

Am telling the world my immense love

With regrets I wish I try harder

Maybe one day you’ll come about this Post.

I Love you,

Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

© Noah Jemilu