Honey Moon

Let talk about Honey Moon,

Honey moon seems to be an epic and once in a marital life experience for newly wedded couples, even engaged bride or groom to be anticipated this wonderful moments. It’s is a moment’s you turn off yourself from mostly all unpleasant and disturbing matters just the two of you in Ice cream land.

Most Newly wedded do project their honeymoon, some travel (on road, flights torch, etc) ,and explore amusement parks.

Honey Moon on a Yatch

honeymoon on a yatch for me is one of the Romantic Couples time out. It’s intensify romance and intimacy with the sun up high shining on the skin.


Long hour Flight, is a good one too most especially for first time passenger. They both can enclose and envisioned about how their future together in 10years.

They also can enjoyed a lots of Intimate time in the city they are Touring.

Lastly honeymoon is not mandatory you travel, explore. It can be enjoyed in your new Matrimonial home. It’s the mark of your sharing each other lives together.

For better and for Worse till death do You part.