Married Men and Sexual Encounters

In Recent ages Marital Issues has plummet than the days of our Ancestors. Some Newly Married Men Sordid sexual encounter with women other than their wives, cavorting with prostitutes thereby breaking their marital Vows.

We all wonder if courtship was effective before the marriage, this periodic moment is supposed to be a replica of the union But Man is the wisest of other animal ability to hide his true colours.

When you are Legally Married or case maybe a bound is sealed. no crossing of specific boundaries, I bet some couples even cheats and not know it. Giving an attention to another than your spouse intensify a lot of things.

Cheating has two category, Emotional And Physical. We all Know physical has to do with body contacts, impression, expressions and so on. Emotions is giving the other an absurd or excessive attention than deserved , flirting and sensual satisfaction.

Sometimes harbouring certain feelings and desires are common but giving this emotions thoughts will induce us to cheat.

Back to the Topic, Married Men should be wary of their interactions with the opposite sex; Remember you have someone who believe, dedicate and share her entire life with you.

Love and care for her, we all come across sophisticated and affluence women everyday. Discuss with your wife what you fancy, Slit dress, shirt shirts any feminine wears that accentuate and suits you. For Sex experiment different styles and positions surely you will both find a rhythm.

I believe this piece has been a torch for clarity and more understandings.

Cheating is a Choice.