Crushes Don’t Fades

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Feeling of crush don’t easily fade,because it isn’t something that can be faked, it a natural phenomenon of how our body interact with a person; this is a kind of chemistry where we desire, admire a Person maybe due to their personality, Physical attributes, it is a subconscious chemistry for someone. it might turn to love especially when both are not far from each other and don’t have any partner, Crushes are not limited, we may have it for a school mate, a Tutor, boss, employees, celebrities,friends and anyone from this part of the world.

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Crushes may never fade or people grow up

Some people still have an emotional closeness even after 14 years. I have one, They may have their private lives but they got enveloped in emotions when communicating or close. If you have a crush on someone, your brain will find it impossible to…

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