Learn to Respect Friends, Spouses and Families Decisions

In Friendship or Relationship its discretional to forgive, ignore or otherwise about the issue. Everyone is responsible for themselves, brothers and sisters has limits, so does friendship.

Let an individual make his or her own choice. When things go south you will be dragged to the mud

Read Control and Care

Control is guided with ground rules and a partner decisions are limited, but

Care encompass flexible intentions with ego response to our partners endeavors, in a nutshell Caring envelopes, Discretion and Freedom in aspect of the relationship and Friendship

Just be there for her when she needs you. Learn to respect peoples decisions especially friends, Its a good thing to be emotional but with this way you can’t be a Judge.

Remember we all have limits.

I have being in different kinds of relationship and realised Intense feelings is one of the cause of heartbreaks and disappointment. Never give out the love all, reserve some for yourself

I don’t fear getting hurt, its inevitable but am never going to take the risk. I’ll let my feelings flow naturally and metered it.
Things shall fall in place at the right time.

For example, I don’t profess instant love anymore, it has to be durable.

We might date for months and I won’t say “I love you”. I reserved the right to confirm my feelings before I profess it. I don’t do that anymore

Take your Time to Observe your Feelings.