Reason Some Men are not Faithfull in a Relationship

First thing you have to know is that, Men are the same but wired differently
It depends the type of man you meet, some tends to find a single partner and love wholeheartedly, some love different taste But have it in back of mind that Men are generally Polygamous.

Humans are insatiable, its very easy and difficulty to not cheat. Kindly noted that Cheating is a Choice, when you make a discretion about something. You have thought of it and evaluate it actions and repercussions.

Men has a lots of desires for the opposite sex, I may like you and want you for only your looks or physicality; Once I had a taste of you, I get hungry for more, So adventurous Men always go wild. They fall under this category

A Woman has a lots to offer, but most men that cheat aren’t patient or their partner is not suitable enough for them. A woman gives a man comfort and relaxation sometimes making decisions for him. That’s the power of a woman.

But there are ways a girlfriend can make her boyfriend commits to the relationship and he won’t play foul or otherwise
Let him take some decisions about the relationship

Give him assurance of your faithfulness in any circumstances he will equally have the same or be careful when playing foul

Understand the kind of person he is, is a principled, social or open type. When you know the kind of boyfriend you have, you already have aimed before you shoot.


Communication is key, don’t wait for him to call or make plans, ask him persuasive questions that will prompt him to succumb to your request.

Be jealous but don’t cross the line, but note don’t be a slave to your feelings.
Like I said understand him, this are some little irons that will open him up Sometimes say less and do more, it boost our brains a lots and also add to our commitment level.

Truth is Man exist before a Woman Its a stereotype induce by nature, In decision making A Man has more edge than a Woman in some aspect
But if a woman has accepts to love, share her feelings, and her personal space with me, I should bel bound to respect her. Submissiveness is a gift.

So a Man should handle a Woman as a gift with care and affection!