Love is a Beautiful Thing!! A Must Read

Some people don’t know or believe Love can happens anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Love can finds its way where it is not planted, relating love to some principle of chemistry; Love is neither Created nor destroyed but is this phenomena true?

When you see two partners or Couples together what are your thoughts about them? I usually conceive many thoughts of how they meet? Who made the first move, what, what and so on..

Everyone ideology is different, I mentioned in one of my recent post. An Idea becomes a Belief. Your Perception about something becomes your ideology and your perception becomes your belief.

Love doesn’t condemn, its kind and pure. Can I say its jealousy or a sense of non belonging for those who feel that way about their family or friends. Today many Interracial Partners are blasted for their cross feelings for their partners but why should a higher primate think that way? It is the retrogressive mindset we have that makes us feel that way.

Interracial relationship Portrays how beautiful and funny love can be.

Love is Beautiful don’t condemn others for be in it irrespective of their Race. πŸ’˜β€πŸ’

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  1. Waaaaw!what a beautifully written post,i agree with you 100%,Love is the perception of individuals,love is the extremely difficult realisation that something other than the two in love is real

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