What age Should Youngsters Marry?

Its is a quiet disturbing issue to youngsters between 18-24, 24-30 we are indecisive about Marital Vows When asked Why are you still single Why are you still single? Issues and factors are divulged, reason career goals, self sufficiency, a compatible partner, life goals and so on.

Marriages generally differs across the globe early and late marriages. Early marriages are well advised in some societies like West Africa and North Africa, Part of Asians( Thailand, Laos etc…). Ancestral history go along way as some are desirous of grand children therefore imposed pressure on their predecessors to sustain the family Lineage.

Will you Marry the Person you are dating

Early Marriages are rarely advised in North and South America but lately Cultures are being reshaped and transform, Lifestyle is one pillar to it.

As Peer Pressure and some Families are keen on early marriages, they Women are most pressured. One reality we all can’t argue is that Women has rapid growth and age faster.

A Lady in her late Twenties is considered more ripped to start a family, irrespective of Career goals or background a finger is pointed at them when there are no signs of Starting a family Soon nevertheless Humans has different View of how the World should be.

Some Women of Western societies desires to Attain Some achievement in Life before starting a family, even at latter age.

Back home in Nigeria the percentage of women ready for marriage at early 20s is 40% because the expectancy age for Completion of Tertiary Education is 25-26 Yet even at this Stage 50% are to complete the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) or Tertiary Studies. This leads to early or immediate marriage after the Program.

They Men are Less pressured than the Women after Tertiary Studies and NYSC.

Note some persons that never attain Formal Education maybe Poised to start a family when of age (18 and above). In overseas as mention earlier Some Persons prepared for Marriage at 30s or never marry at all.

In Summary

What age should Youngsters Marry?

Its is never fixed, Marriage is usually a personal decision which is relaxed due to External factors like Society, life time Partner. How can I get married to someone I do not Love or Like?

In essence once you attain adulthood – (18 years and above) start planning your Career to get a desired time and Kind of Marriage you want and not marriage due to circumstances.

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  1. Everybody situation is different. However, in my opinion I would advise a young couple to not get married until each is about 25-30 years old, no matter how much in love they are. I say that because around that age, the average person has been on their own for a while and now know who they are, along with what they want to do in life. Furthermore, most people have dated a good number of people at this point and know what key qualities they’re looking for a potential partner to have. Last, I’m sure plenty of people will agree that they dated someone at 20 that they probably wouldn’t give the time of day to at 27 years old.

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  2. Not time bound for marriage
    Let stop encouraging people to rush into it because their is a lot more than been married

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