Why Fashion has been a Top Priority in The Society

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People has Taken avid interest in Fashion, to look good and Presentable is a top priority. Social acceptance is a major contribution to this drive. Everyone desires good looks and attention;

Sexy Wears

How does People become Fashionable

For Women, there are vase Styles from clothing to Ornamentals and down to Skin. Different wears that accentuate with their Body Physique either Slender or double size. These wears suits them a lots.

Men don’t really needs Ornamentals like Women does just a nice haircut, Hat,nice Shirt with Trousers and Classic Foot wears.

Tatoos and Piercing

Who love Tatoos? We are same specie with dissimilar interest some people loves drawings on their skin reasons best known to them. Its maybe a constant reminder, Passion or in memory of someone or events, some are temporary or Permanent.

Piercing has known to be on the Ears from some Ancient history like the Indies, Caucasian…

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