One of My Early Relationship Heart breaks due to Insecurities

One of my early relationship ended rough due to my partner insecurities and Jealousies was becoming disgusting. Every actions I get judged; I don’t have peace of the Mind. A relationship that swims in doubts is never a healthy one. You tends to be limited to someone or miss some lifetime opportunities; like getting a 1st class job, but a distance barrier and your partner being insecure of your faithfulness always a crack In the relationship.

No matter how I tried to overlook and contain it my partner remains unsatisfied. Always pleasing and displeasing myself. Love is sweet but difficult when there is a bundle root of misunderstandings.

Understanding is a Survival root of Love

There is a saying Constant Friction leads to wear and Tear.

My love story eventually leads to Heartbreak💔. One that change my Perception of love and life aftermath. I couldn’t date for more than 3 years. I had off my Emotional side, Potential dates came but I didn’t avail them.
Past experiences do have a positive or negative on us

Despite being an adult, I’m so skeptical don’t want to fall wholeheartedly.
I do plan all my actions like arithmetic. Can you imagine me? I do let things happen naturally after some Assignments and Hypothesis, becoming slow in spicing up feelings, am quite repulsive to potentials dates anyway.

Love hurts but Time Heals

Time Heals

As the day, month and years goes by unconsciously this sad moments tends to fades away. We no longer feel the hurt just a memory lane. Its already a history. During the healing period we become proactive and metamorphose into a new mind, better and Stronger; lessons are well learnt.

The Formula is

Allow yourself to grief its relieves the pain, heal and comeback strong.

And I hope you all can pick something from this piece of me. 💕🍭💟💚💛💜

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