I Fell in Love Again

There is this girl I meet back in school

Since 2012 I have never love like this..

I approached her and like everything about her

I really love her so much. I knew she won’t be by herself definitely she has a guy

I treated her In school like a Queen, I bought food stuffs and tea items for her always

I please her even displeasing myself
Whenever I look at her, I see no faults.
One night I visit her at common room it was her birthday February 14.

When ever I close from work I do visit her.
Since I didn’t have a date I ask her to be my Valentine date

She agreed. That day I put my party cloth in my bag. I closed late and change at my friends house
I waited at the hotel for almost one hour.

I almost got discouraged and felt like she disappointed me. I tried her line switch off and unavailable

I felt lovelorn and stupid
I told my people I was working late meanwhile I was outside waiting for my anticipated date

I had money in my pockets withdrew N5k ready to spend. See roasted fish and chicken. Guys with their babes happily involved. But I was standing alone..looking left and right..

I thought I should just buy the chicken and finally go home
Guess what happened

I feel I had won a lottery. She said her phone went down and she had to put her sim in a stranger phone to reach me

This little thing she said intensify my love for her..
No more together
I was deeply in love with her I was ready to let Go in pains
But she was not sincere and honest with me
I guess because she like me too.

We won’t out like 4 times

I was getting hurt because I was the one calling and craving for affection
I bought 4 dresses from jumia for her birthday
I gave her my all

She gave me some of her time but will some be enough for a man in love?

Noo I got Nothing!