First Steps and Impressions to make when you first met someone you Like

My 1st talk with my wonder woman

We talk on phone, it was OK. It was two strangers trying to be familiar, so we became ecstatic.

ability to communicate at the other end is a key factor between two people. You’ll have to push harder if you are a Guy; its a human tradition for the man to approach a woman and if your the Woman you’ll have to grease things a little if you like him.

Below are some Tips for Both the Men and the Women. After you have exchange contacts grind the feelings with these steps.


  • Be you real self,
  • Call her speak to her in a relaxing tone
  • Be a good Listener and Speaker by anticipating her response
  • Know when a conversation is killing off reignites it with some moderate personal questions.
  • Be humorous but don’t fake it. Women are more sensitive than men; they’ll spot when you are not being real
  • Be playful, funny with limits
  • Give her personal space never invades her privacy same way you cherish yours.
  • Plan a First Date, in a public place where you’ll both be comfortable since you don’t know each other yet.


  • If you have a bit Stir of interest for this guy, you have to make his test easy for him to pass. Although You play hard to get to make him Chase but know when to let down guard.
  • Be a good Listener and Speaker
  • Let him know you can create time whenever he ask, he will be more assured of commitments.
  • Show him you care too
  • If he ask for a Date, honour it. Its a chance to know and check suitability and compatibility.

With all this initial steps you both should be able to understand each other and get intertwined together. This is a Good step to begin and possibility of something great.

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