Give yourself Some Value

If your man is not comfortable with you in public, please let go.

If your man always complain about every little thing and never appreciate a thing even when you give corrections But appreciate ladies outside, pleas let go.

If your man want to change your real you to suit his own taste review the relationship

If your man doesn’t want your happiness, let go.

If your man doesn’t want you to pursue your dreams and all he cares is personal goal and satisfaction. Let go

Every man or woman deserves to be respected in love.

Relationship is not a do or die affair. Don’t disvalue your self because of a relationship.

Review your Relationship

When a relationship doesn’t have positive impact in you, you need to. You’re too beautiful, handsome, too precious, you’re worthy and not worthless to be treated like trash.

You deserve joy and happiness in your relationship. When there is no happiness how do you want to be happy in your marriage. Don’t enslave your self saying you are crazily in love.

There is no crazy love. Love is beautiful, sacrifice, (don’t sacrifice stupidly at expense of your happiness)

kind and appreciated. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“