A Love Letter to A School Teacher Crush

Hello Sweetie,

Its the Voice of Your Mini Sugar sending warm greetings, how is life over there with it challenges? I do hope all is able to your liking.

It has been Eight months of silence between us despite enormous feelings and anticipated Moments together. Could I be high on Smoke or is it the Tariff rates?, I’m really hurting. We hardly post letters to each other but today I can’t hold it in anymore, Ill break the Silence forever!.

So Darling since my graduation and your departure I have been lone almost love lorn and needed a soul to talk to about My feelings; my garden has been disturbed , I’ve search all nook and cranny to no avail. I feel a cover of my heart was missing and that’s you. Its surely difficult to feel and not vision it.

Every minutes you flashes my mind, things becomes ecstatic to be in your presence, longing for the Embrace I never get, your last words echoes down my Lungs.

I want to ask you a Mutual Question

Am i still the ice cake you so wanted, Do I appeal to you? Are we still sensual. Each time I open my arithmetic everything seems ecstatic to Stare and Touch your Mild body. I never get to tell you your so Good looking.

As each day fades to darkness I Wish to gaze into those your Blue Eyes and Confess it to you; I wish to get Laid. I need your lessons to refuel the fluid in my brain before I open my library again.

I have to find a full stop here, they are endless. Bye and stay at that shape of Aquiline and Equilibrium.

Yours Loving Sugar.


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