Crush on a Married Person

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Crush Occurs Naturally, They are certain attributes we Desire and will end up find it in a person, mostly at the wrong time. I have pointed this before in my previous post.

How does it feel like to Flirts with a married Man or Woman, Does He or She Flirts with you?

You may or never had a one on one interaction directly with such a person before, or maybe you have never come close before, which ever one; in a nutshell Different Class maybe.

Eventually it will happen maybe you helped a friend through your social handle to DM(Direct Message) that person or which ever way.

The Gist here is; you may find that person attractive or have attracted the person with your looks,Profile Picture or DP(display profile) etcetera as its usually meant on Social Platforms. The age difference between you two may be high let…

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