The Chemistry of Love

Interracial Love

Love is a very interesting thing, its spark like wildfire when its ignites, gives us tension especially when attraction sets in. It makes us strong likewise Vulnerable. Let me ask have you ever fallen in Love? Yes we do,

When two people are in Love or having intimate feelings for one another, its all start from the Looks


good looks accentuate a lots and it is first the facial ability (Physical appearance) that commands ones feelings other factor follows.

there is always zeal for preferential treatment, emotional Security which prompt a communication to their Subconsciouses. The heart tends to synchronise, at that moments beat rates becomes tense. Looks Sparks Attraction.
When someone gaze at you ardently the eyes is always saying something the heart can’t reach


After this 1st phase, what intensify the tension and attraction is time, the more time together the more feelings develops and mind you, if a Dates especially a Woman doesn’t hear from you after a Month or more she tends to forget about you.

So time is of Value in our aims and objective. The more you ponder the slimmer your Chances Get on dates with that person you can’t get off your mind as soon as possible, there is no harm in Trying. The more the moments we get to know each other better.

So Utilize every opportunity you have but wisely; don’t be to clingy or desperate, it kills Interest

I hope this Two Points  Looks and Time are helpful to you.  your Thoughts and Questions are well welcome and appreciated.

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