Motivations for Lovers, Couples and Everyone

Don’t confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship,attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken for Love💗.

You’ll never know how Romantic a Song is till you go through the Lyrics, so does our feelings.

The way you make me feel is what prompt my emotions

When a woman follows a Man, he see her as a pest but he is still Happy. She still pinned for him.

To be smitten by someone sometimes facial ability is not necessary to command our feelings.

You have to pray, hope and be determined towards your goals Sometimes its relieving to evaluate our life from day one till present. So we should believe for good.

Loving someone without attachment is like a mother’s love – True Love

Some sleeping giants are better left to their slumber

Disliking someone doesn’t mean God won’t bless them, their breakthrough isn’t tied to your emotions.

If you want to marry a Man or Woman get to know his or her friends. You’ll know their True Personalities Soon.

Once you fall in love,there’s no going back to being just friends and that’s one of the reason people don’t express their feelings…Fear of reaction and Rejection

Be nice to him and give him moments he will never think to miss it.

Love is a beautiful thing especially shared with someone who loves you back

Be self Confident to Attract a man

Home doesn’t have to mean why you pick a penthouse and a family, it could be a person

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  1. “You’ll never know how Romantic a Song is till you go through the Lyrics, so does our feelings” This was such a clever and precise analogy about being patient with love.
    Also when you marry you the person you love, you are marrying their family so getting to know their family is a must

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