The Dynamics of Romantic Relationship and Marriage – How will my boyfriend or Husband Love Me More?

Relationship is an idealization and mutual consent of commitments to serve a sole goal, for Romantic relationships Love is a bond and requisite that cements this commitments.

Romance is Necessary

Romances are intimate expressions of our emotions and feelings for a partner, they may be physical intimacy, emotional intimacy or abstract. It is necessary in Our Relationship or Marriage.

Human Psychology can help us with the understanding of behaviour and cognitive process of our Emotions relating it to Love.

Mutual consent is Key and Communication is the Link in a relationship or Marriage

Our Behaviour in our love life is a Visual expression and perception either from us or our partner, so we need to be very Proactive, We do Love our Husbands and Boyfriends right?

Does he know about your recent feelings?

Then you needs to be open to him, He has to know how you feel about him you may never know if he feels the same way but conceals it.

From your Observation what Kind of a Guy or Man is he? is he the difficult type?

You have to be brave and do some things You have to fix a private moments with him, a place where you will have a long time and no one will disturbs you both. Say how you feel about him, and ask him questions about your relationship or Union.

Before this ask yourself What do you want from the relationship?

When Talking to him do Mention his name and stare into his eyes. You have to be serious about this.
I know that Women are emotional but you have to be brave

Tell him how remorseful you are for whatever way you have wrong him. You want you two to be together in love and harmony. But you must have something at the back of your mind.

Discretion You need to make a personal decision about your love life. We shouldn’t be a slave to our feelings, We can’t force Love, it is fairly induce.

Decide that if he doesn’t want the relationship anymore, be Strong and move on. We all deserve the good things of Life and Lastly there is always someone out there for you and for me.

If you are a Couple you should seek for a Marriage Counsellor to helps patches the holes in your Marriage.

You have to Care to understand Someone feelings

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