Sexual Appreciation- When she wants it

When your woman crave for intimacy,touch and didn’t get satisfied she becomes false down, and our heart are bound to harbour satisfaction possibly leads to infidelity . this Infidelity is grave and a big offence in the marriage constitution

Sexual pleasures shouldn’t be absent in your Relationship or Marriage.

Whenever you sit with your wife on the dining table, let your knee and hers be touching each other. It will generate so much pleasure to her. Observe her eyes and see if there is any blinking reflex.

Whenever she is angry or worried about something, you should comfort her. Bring her to sit on your thigh and tell her good words that will bring peace to her mind. While talking to her, caress her on some of her body parts. You can add some hugs and kisses too.

Create Intimates Moments

Kiss her unconditionally. Kiss her when your come back home from work, when you leave for work, on the telephone and so on. It gives her so much pleasure and she will reward you for that. Try it and see.

Give her warm hugs whenever you are back home from work and any time you think she will be pleased with it.
Hand holds

Caress her with tenderness any time, with no exception. Let her bury her head in your chest, let your thigh serve the function of a pillow to her occasionally etc.

Peace in a Marriage and Relationship

When you display these affections that will be consensual appreciation, intensify the Bond physical and emotional Intimacy too.

There shall be a good feeling and possibility of a next time👍. some women are sexually hyperactive that’s why. Some their Libido tendency his high. They can have sex for 4 hours without getting tired

So Give your Woman The Affection and Attention She needs.

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